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Seen & Heard are a not for profit (CIC). We exist to support the emotional wellbeing of any adults who have attended boarding or independent day schools.

Our mission is to help people on their journey, particularly in seeking resolution and healing from the effects of adverse childhood experiences, including abandonment, neglect, emotional repression, bullying or life-changing abuse.

We are a committed group of ex-boarding school pupils who understand these unique institutional experiences, and we believe in the power of connection, and its ability to heal. Adverse experiences in childhood can impact individuals, families and wider-society, often for generations.

As a group, we are not always understood by emotional support services, or by our families and wider-society. There is a lack of awareness and acceptance about our early-years experiences, and often prejudice around our perceived ‘privilege’. Good help is out there, but it’s too hard to find and access. We are going to change that!

We will also lobby and educate institutions (schools, alumni, universities, media & governing bodies) to take the pastoral care and emotional wellbeing of their people seriously, so they can provide best-in-class emotional support to past and present pupils.

The 2024 Seen & Heard Independent & State Boarding School Pupil Survey

A 30-min online survey that aims to return important information about life during, and after, Independent & State boarding, and Independent day schooling in the UK and overseas, with a particular focus on emotional wellbeing.

The data is confidential, anonymised, and will be used to inform and shape the services provided by the Seen & Heard not for profit project.

It is open to ex-pupils, over the age of 18, of any UK founded Independent or state boarding school. All genders, ages 18+, and levels of experience, are welcome to contribute.

The survey will be open ongoing, to continue to record experiences, and to create a larger and more robust data set.

Anonymised topline results will be posted each quarter, as the sample size grows.

Please share with others that you feel may want to be seen & heard about their time at school, and adult life since.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Online Connection Groups?

Our FREE online connection groups are a flagship of the service we provide.

The schedule of events can be found by scrolling down this page. All events are on Zoom, free of charge and managed by Eventbrite.

Spaces are limited, you can get tickets by signing up in advance of the groups, registration closes 24hrs before the group begins, so do please plan in advance.

Run by experienced group facilitators and modelled on a format that we have experienced personally and found huge benefit from, we hope you enjoy them too.

This is not group therapy, this is just a space to be seen & heard and bring yourself, exactly as you are. Even if you don’t want to speak or share, it can be extremely powerful to witness and hear others.

What are connection groups

    • Online via Zoom, see Eventbrite schedule for when they take place.
    • Typically 4-10 people attend, including at least 1 facilitator
    • There is a check-in round for everyone that wants to speak. You can share whatever is present for you, it doesn’t have to be related to your younger years or school experiences.
    • The check-in is followed by a first round, where those that would like to share something are able to have some time and space.
    • The first-round is followed by a second round, for anyone wishing to share further. Often prompted by things others have shared in previous rounds, but not always.
    • Check-out round for everyone that wants to speak.

What will I get from attending Online Connection Groups?

What will I get from attending Connection Groups?

For some, it is just connection they are seeking. For others, the groups can be life changing.

Here are some of the benefits experienced by those who attend:

    • A sense of connection with others

    • A feeling of being less alone

    • A place to be totally honest about how they are feeling, often for the first time

    • The liberation of being able to share even their inner-most thoughts

    • A way to discover what they are feeling, as most of the time we don’t even know

    • A place to explore our life purpose and direction

    • A feeling that they are taking responsibility, a sense of empowerment over their lives

    • Friendship, community and support

How do I upload my Story Of Hope & Healing?

To submit your video you can use one of the below methods. Please read this information, and the two word document attachments, carefully before submitting:

1.) Upload it to your own YouTube channel, and then contact us via our contact form to send us the link to it. We will then review it, and if suitable, we’ll contact you and seek your written permission to use the video on our own YouTube channel, and across our website and social platforms.

2.) If you don’t want to, or can’t upload it to your own YouTube channel, you can use WeTransfer to send it to us at info@seenheard.org.uk Once it has been reviewed and approved, we’ll contact you and seek your written permission to use the video on our own YouTube channel, and across our website and social platforms.

We can’t wait to hear your story, it’s unique, it’s yours and it has enormous value!

Stories of hope and healing video submission guide

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